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Sunday, June 23, 2013

~CT~ ~Citrus~ by PinkParadox Productions

      ~PTU TUT~ ~Citrus~
***CT for PinkParadox Productions***
     ~Kit: Citrus~

This tutorial was written by myself on June 22, 2013.   Any similarities to another tutorial are purely coincidental.   Please do not claim as your own.  This tutorial writer assumes you have a working knowledge of using Paint Shop Pro. This tutorial was done in Paint Shop ProX4, but can be adapted to use in other Paint Shop Pro versions.

Kit:  Citrus by PinkParadox Productions.  This kit is exclusive to PFD HERE:  

Tube: Amber by Alehandra V. You can get here at PFD, HERE:     you must have the proper license to use this tube.  

PlugIns:  EyeCandy Gradient Glow

Font:  Cooldots  You can get this font HERE: 

Ready?  Ok, let’s begin! 
And don’t forget to save as you go!

Open New Image 600x600

Open element 92, copy and paste, resize to fill the layer.

Open element 93, copy and paste, resize to fill the layer.  Add drop shadow of choice.

Open Frame 10, copy and paste, and resize to fit, add drop shadow of choice.

Open paper 13, resize to 600x600. Copy and paste above frame layer.  Take your magic wand, activate the frame layer, click in the frame, expand selection enough to cover all the lace, activate the paper layer, invert, delete, select none. Move paper below frame.

Open your tube, copy and paste, move to where you like, add drop shadow of choice.  Duplicate it.  Activate one tube layer, and do the same as above step.  Take the other tube, and erase the parts you don’t want showing. 

Add the following elements (Or any of those that you choose), adjust the size to your liking, add drop shadow of choice.  Here are the elements I used:
Element 13
Element 54
Element 74
Element 83
Element 102
Element 105
Element 103
Element 37
Element 52
Element 21

Add your copyright and license information. I added gradient glow with a color from the tube.

Add your name and you are done!

Thank you for looking at my Tutorial.  I would love to see anything you create using it!  Email me your results at melwdswife@yahoo.com, put tutorial in the subject. You can also leave a comment or a note in my shoutbox.  I would love to hear from you!  Xoxo


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